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Fascination (1979) 1080p

A runaway criminal breaks into an eerie chateau, taking it's two frightened chambermaids hostage. As night falls, a group of mysterious aristocratic women arrive, and he begins to realize the girls are hiding a sinister secret.

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The Synopsis for Fascination (1979) 1080p

This erotic horror film, set in 1905, tells the story of a thief who seeks refuge in a castle owned by two women, Eva (Brigitte Lahaie) and Elizabeth (Franca Mai). The women are seductive and teasing, but turn out to be part of a vampiric cult of blood-drinking aristocrats.

The Director and Players for Fascination (1979) 1080p

[Director]Jean Rollin
[Role:]Fanny Magier
[Role:]Jean-Marie Lemaire
[Role:]Franca Ma?
[Role:]Brigitte Lahaie

The Reviews for Fascination (1979) 1080p

FASCINATION (Jean Rollin, 1979) **1/2Reviewed byBunuel1976Vote: 7/10

This is the seventh Rollin film I've watched, after THE IRON ROSE (1973; still his finest work), THE DEMONIACS (1974; the least among his vintage efforts), LIPS OF BLOOD (1975; another good one), THE GRAPES OF DEATH (1978; not bad), THE LIVING DEAD GIRL (1982; one of his most compelling) and Fiancée' OF Dracula (2002; an unsatisfactory hodgepodge of ideas). This unusual 'lesbian vampires' film ? of which the director made quite a few, though the only other such title I'm familiar with is the above-mentioned (and slightly superior) LIPS OF BLOOD ? evokes much of the same atmosphere, not only of Rollin's work but of that of Jess Franco as well. In fact, the scenes depicting a scantily-clad Brigitte Lahaie walking the castle grounds (albeit armed with a scythe!) in search of victims brings to mind Lina Romay in the Spaniard's own (rather dismal) FEMALE VAMPIRE (1973)!

One of Rollin's traits seems to be that of throwing modern-day characters (in this case a handsome but dumb crook) into essentially Gothic i.e. uncanny surroundings (the annual reunion at the chateau by a bunch of lovely ladies). The thief believes their mysterious activities to be of a sexual nature and decides to stick around, despite being warned by the two girls who came to the venue beforehand in preparation for the 'ceremony' that the only other male likely to appear is none other than Satan himself! Having the jaded aristocracy of another era indulge in odd rites (such as drinking ox's blood to treat anaemia!) is an intriguing notion ? a group of depraved female members, then, decide to take the cure one step further and periodically resort to the intake of human blood (the revelation isn't all that surprising, but nicely handled just the same).

An 'unexpected' development results when it's time to do in with the young man (his criminal associates, who were actually pursuing him after he ran away with the stash of gold, had already been swiftly dealt with by Lahaie's scythe). Though the latter had already been sexually involved with him, her companion believes she has fallen in love and, when the leader of the 'vampires' dispatches Lahaie to eliminate the thief, the other girl shoots her instead! Lahaie stumbles outside to the passageway and, with the spilling of the girl's own blood drawing her 'anaemic' cohorts, they feast on her indiscriminately! The thief pleads with his savior to flee the cursed place together ? but, on relating to him their back-story, she realizes that the 'call of blood' is too strong for her to ignore?

Inevitably, the film has all the trademarks of Rollin's style (and, by extension, the whole "Euro-Cult" vibe): lethargic pace, an effective score and ? it goes without saying ? plenty of naked women (even if, save for Lahaie's unmistakable looks, most prove interchangeable due to the film's essential dearth of characterization!). All of this ensures a haunting and often beautiful piece of work though, not necessarily, a fulfilling {sic} one; by the way, the DivX copy I acquired (which also regrettably displayed brief instances of pixellation) bafflingly omitted any form of credits either at the start or the conclusion ? not even the film's very title is anywhere to be seen?

Slow-going, but not bad...Reviewed bymacabro357Vote: 5/10

Blond-haired robber arrives at a chateau inhabited by only Lahaie and Mai after being perused by those he double-crossed in a robbery.

There's a couple of soft-core sex scenes involving the blond-haired robber and Lahaie as well as a lesbo scene with Mai.

In fact, Lahaie spends a lot of time taking her clothes off in this film. Even as she swings that scythe at the female robber, her boobs manage to ooze out from under her cloak. It's an ok gore scene with the scythe, although what's really special is how erotic Lahaie looks, naked underneath that cloak

Then night falls and Lahaie and Mai's blood-drinking female pals arrive and the fun really starts.

There are a couple of plot twists to the ending which I won't reveal but suffice it to say that this isn't one of my favorite Rollin films, although it does have it's erotic moments. I don't know why Rollin fans think so highly of this film. I'll leave that for THE GRAPES OF DEATH or his urban nightmare, THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTED.

The Redemption DVD doesn't have much in the lines of extras beyond a couple of interesting trailers. It seems the French trailer has even more nudity and pubic hair being shown than the actual film does, especially when they're chomping down on Lahaie's blood in the nighttime scene from the bridge. What gives? Too much for the under 18 crowd?

The print is slightly scratchy but not too bad. Poor handling, I guess...

5 out of 10 for not being terribly scary, but for slight eroticism...

A dream on film.Reviewed bydoe-33491Vote: 8/10

Jean Rollin was a master of the fantastique, the way that the French refer to a mixture of science fiction, horror and fantasy. What's the difference between fantastique and fantasy? The former is more concerned with the intrusion of supernatural phenomena into an otherwise realist narrative. In this genre, the supernatural may be met with doubt, disbelief and fear; yet it always exists.

After a decade marked by working under a pseudonym in the porn industry to make ends meet, Rollin saw Fascination as an attempt to return to his roots. It's based on Jean Lorrain's Un verre de sang (A Glass of Blood), a poem about rich people drinking the blood of bulls in order to cure anemia. It's also a tribute to a French magazine that explored eroticism in art.

In 1905, a group of wealthy women wait for bulls to be slaughtered so that they can drink their supposedly curative blood.

A gang of thieves pursues Mark, who is trying to leave France for London with a bag of gold coins. He finds a secluded mansion in the mountains that is empty, save for two chambermaids, Elizabeth and Eva, who await the arrival of their Marchioness and her servants.

The women, who are lovers, aren't afraid of Mark. Instead, they see attracted to him. Eva eventually sleeps with the thief, making Elizabeth jealous to the point that she puts a gun in her mouth.

A shot rings out, but it is not Elizabeth's death. The thieves have found where Mark is hiding and have begun shooting at the house. Eva goes out to give the men Mark's gold. While they count it, a female thief demands her dress.

Eva makes love to one of the thieves before stabbing him, then wiping out the rest with a scythe. Once the film tastes blood, it picks up in intensity and purpose. Eva returns to find the woman who stole her white dress, now glad in black and carrying the giant bladed weapon. Single frame close ups of their eyes, lips and blades show the difference between the women. While the thief was once in control and confident, now she is facing death. Her outstretched knife is tentative and finally drops as Eva laughingly decimates her, the former virginal white dress awash with blood as the camera pulls back from the drawbridge to show the carnage.

Soon, the Marchioness later arrives, whom Mark refers to as the grand danger. She tells him that death often takes the form of seduction (and Elizabeth had said that death itself would be coming). If Mark stays — and she know she will — he'll be the only man there?except for Satan, of course.

Mark jokingly says, "Midnight! Satan! Death!" as he finds the situation very amusing. Mark tries to take her by force, as she intimidates that he'd like to try, but she responds by biting his lip.

Four more women arrive, excited at the possibility of Mark being at their annual reunion. They go to meet him as Elizabeth and Eva light a room full of candles. Mark asks if it's for the arrival of Death, but gets no answers.

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